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You’ve Got Questions — I’ve Got Answers

I don't understand how the Quickie Custom cover works. Can you explain it again?

Sure. You don't pay me up front. I design an original customized cover for your book using manipulated stock images and typography in one to three hours (depending on my daughter's willingness to let me work). I send you a copy of the image with a "watermark." If you love it you buy it for $50. If you don't love it, you pay me $0 and it becomes one of my pre-made covers (after I take away your author name and change the title a bit). That's it! No revisions, no changes, just one shot at a very affordable, customized cover.

What if I love everything about the quickie custom cover except for ____?

If you really want to use the cover I design for you as a quickie custom cover, but you would like to make changes to it, then you can pay the $100 (instead of $50) for an ebook cover with full revisions and we will get every little detail just the way you want it.

What is your average turnaround time?

I'll be frank. I have a 1 year old and I work from home. She's pretty good at entertaining herself for a while, but there are days (or weeks) where she decides that me ignoring her is the worst thing ever, or that naps are for chumps, or what have you. So, my turnaround times are variable, because my available working hours in a given day are variable.

That said, I can generally get an initial cover design to you in a single day, and an initial formatting design to you in three days. Then your responsiveness factors greatly into how quickly we move on from there. Expect a print cover layout to take a full week, and a print formatting job to take two from start to finish. Ebook only jobs can be done much more quickly, but the more complicated the design, the longer it takes. For formatting, once I have your manuscript in hand, and know what you want, I can give you a pretty accurate estimate of how long it will take me to get things done.   

Why do I have to pay half of the cost of booking upfront?

The short answer is: because this is the internet, and not everyone is nice. The long answer is: I'm sure you're a lovely, trustworthy human being. However, not everyone is, and I cannot afford to spend time on design work that is going to go unpaid. (That's why quickie custom covers that aren't purchased turn into pre-made covers--someone will buy them eventually.) I have bills to pay and a daughter to feed, and charging half of the cost upfront allows me confidently start work on your project as quickly as possible. 

If you have ANY questions about a project before you decide to book it, please e-mail me at or use the contact form on this website. I am always happy to answer questions, and I don't want you to feel like you are risking your hard-earned money.  

How do I order a pre-made cover?

Next to the pre-made cover gallery you will find an order form for the pre-made covers currently available. Please fill it out and then make your payment with PayPal. The pre-made cover will be tailored to your title and author name and then will be delivered to your e-mail address by the end of the following business day.

Why do I have to book a time and date? 

The booking system through the app I'm using requires start dates and times, and, while dates are useful to me, times are largely irrelevant. So, you have to book a time to keep the booking system happy. Meanwhile, the date you choose will be the start date for the project for me. The time will have no bearing on when I start, so go ahead and pick whatever. The date matters, the time does not. Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this. I am looking into other methods for ordering my services, but haven't ironed it all out yet. For now this works reasonably well. 

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