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Print & eBook Cover Design

priced for indie budgets

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As available. Currently there are no pre-made covers for sale.

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eBook Cover

$65 per hour - minimum $390

Get the exact cover you want exactly how you want it. This package starts at $300 (USD) which covers 6 hours of custom design work. If additional time is required it will be billed at $65 per hour. 6 hours of design work for most projects will include a 3D mockup for promotions as well as the original ebook cover. Paperback and hardcover layouts will usually go beyond the 6 hour mark.

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Print & Audio Conversions

$65 per hour, minimum $130

If you need a audiobook and print versions of your custom cover, I've got you covered! For the same $50 per hour I will convert my custom ebook design I've made to meet the specifications for ACX or Findaway (for audiobooks), and/or KDP or Ingram Spark (for paperbacks and hardcovers). 2 hours of work are included in the minimum $130 fee and $65 per hour will be charged for time beyond those 2 hours. You can roll multiple conversions into this minimum fee as long as you request them all together. However, hourly fees still apply and more than one conversion is likely to run over the 2 hour mark.

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Print & eBook Formatting

for the indie budget

If you are looking for low budget formatting services, I recommend Vellum or its Windows equivalent. Professional formatting is finicky, time-consuming work, and my rates are $50 per hour for formatting. Most formatting projects take at least 10 hours of work, so you'd be looking at a minimum of $500 for just one book. But Vellum costs about $250 (USD) and then you own it forever and can format multiple books with it. I haven't used it myself yet, but I've heard great things about it. If you're considering hiring me or anyone else for professional formatting you should consider a program like Vellum first, and if that doesn't meet your needs then consider hiring someone.

If you're still interested in hiring me after reading the above paragraph then please use my contact form to get in touch! 


"If you're considering Virginia McClain for your graphic design needs then you are making the right decision. Virginia guided me through a three-week creative process to create six new ebook covers for my crime series. I've worked with dozens of graphic artists over the years and Virginia is the best of the best. She has the unique ability to listen to my needs and ideas -- and then use her special talents to generate covers that exceeded my expectations. The fact that she is also a writer means that she has first-person understanding of various book genres and sub-genres. Furthermore, she works very quickly. I am SO glad that I found her [...] and I certainly will be coming back to her for all my future needs."

~D.F. Bailey

Virginia provided me with an AMAZING book cover... Really well designed and thought out.

~Elliott Killian

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